This Hurts…but that’s OK

For sometime now, I have been searching for a way to deal with heartbreak. I have immersed myself in weekend courses, I have amped up my gym and yoga routine, listened to the best self-help CD’s and read some pretty inspiring books as well as dated men that were oh so wrong for me. All of these things can be summed up into one word: distractions. In the worst of it all, friends and family told me to let it go, move on, keep dating- you’ll find the one. But it wasn’t until last month, that my Reiki gal Renee Mullings-Lewis said something pretty spectacular that finally resonated with me. She said: “If you could allow yourself to say, ‘This Hurts… but thats OK. Even if it hurts 10 years from now, it’s STILL ok. How would you allow yourself to feel after saying these words?'” I must admit, I had to get her to repeat this statement as it is something that I have never heard before. She continued to explain that the point of view of “heal and get over it” makes you believe that there is something wrong and it is not supposed to be this way. When you continue to tell yourself to “heal and move on”, you become trapped in the experience- what you persist, resists. Steps to take when you suffer from heartbreak: 1) Just let the hurt feelings be – they will eventually naturally resolve themselves. 2) When you think of your ex-lover, welcome them into your mind (instead of getting mad at yourself for letting them back in). 3) Remember, we naturally think of all the good memories and forget about the bad ones. Cherish the good ones and learn from the so called “Bad” ones. There is a lesson in everything. Search for the lesson; you may be pleasantly surprised. I know I always am! Love to all! Annie xoxo