Text Soon?

As much as I wanted this blog to be about Nutrition, my attention these days seems to be focused on relationships. As I navigate my way through them, I have noticed what technology has bestowed upon them. Most recently, I have been set up on a few dates and have had some pretty interesting experiences to say the least.

Bachelor # 1
We emailed back and forth for what seemed like 2 seconds. Immediately he wanted my photo. I sent him a recent one. TWO DAYS later, I got a response email that said something along the lines of: “I’m sure you are lovely, but you are not my type. Best of luck.” We didn’t even get the chance to meet in person. At least meet me in person and then reject me. Don’t reject a static photograph of me. I digress.

Bachelor #2
An older gent (well, old for me). The commonalities were insane! We both liked to be active and adventurous, liked to cook and had a complete love for Florida. Great date, but needless to say there was no MAGIC. After the date was complete, I texted him and thanked him for the date (apparently this is a nono) and that it was nice to meet him. He responded with similar sentiments which included the famous “Text soon” phrase. I have not heard from him since. I digress.

After chatting with a friend, I discovered that technology (texting especially) has absolutely ruined dating for the average 30 year old. There is so much anticipation riding on a return text from a potential match. You wait for what seems like eternity (God forbid you text him first) and check your phone every five minutes because you might have just missed it while checking email. Maybe you didn’t hear the notification sound just this once?!

We tend to hide behind technology (you know pen pal style), until we deem it appropriate to come out from cyberspace and actually finally meet one another. If we don’t like what we see, technology has allowed us to disappear into the abyss and not be responsible for our actions, hence the creation of the cop out phrase “Text soon”. This allows us to be nice without telling the other person exactly how we feel.

Try to avoid the pen pal sequence in the very beginning and cut straight to the chase by requesting a meeting in person. You are worth it, tell them what you want! You usually can tell a lot more of what someone is really like within the first 5 minutes. Intuition at its best!

Anyone else have similar experiences with dating these days?