Tailspin. WHAT? There’s no water!?

I woke up to the sound of trucks making huge amounts of loud noise on a Saturday morning. They were up to something that’s for sure. Little did I know that a few hours later, I would turn on the tap and there would be no water coming out. This is not the first time that this has happened in my condo this Winter due to colder than normal temperatures in February. I  did not panic.

Naturally, I was in the middle of laundry and trying to get things done for the day. I couldn’t wash the dishes (which piled up from breakfast), I couldn’t wash my clothing and I couldn’t wash myself for that matter. This was the day that my hair needed to be washed.

I perused my condo’s Facebook page and there were a few other tenants that were up in arms about the no water situation. Someone had asked the men working on the pipes and they said it could be another 5-6 hours before the water would return.

I could not believe how much not having water threw me off my game. I became super lazy. I watched a documentary on Netflix before even attempting to crack open my books to study for my test on Monday. After the doc, I begrudgingly opened my books and created my notes for my test. Did I mention I was in my PJ’s all day? I desperately needed a glass of water and a shower. Thank God for my countertop Berkey water system that I had filled the night before. Another reason why I chose this system over RO water system. This was the ONLY water that I had, so I began to conserve it and used it only for drinking as well as for brushing my teeth. Everything else could wait.

I can honestly say that I learned that I take having FRESH water for granted. I am grateful for the clean water that we have immediate access to.

It really is an inconvenience for the water to be turned off. Does this mean we should prepare ourselves for more of these kinds of episodes as the weather gets more extreme? What are your thoughts?

Annie xoxo