Chocolate Ginger Elixir

elixir-chocolate_gingerChocolate Ginger Elixir

Since it is getting colder out, we have to put our favourite smoothies on the back burner and turn to more warming meals —in comes the ELIXIR. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, they believe in cooking all of the food that you eat to maintain our QI – the life force that flows within us.

When your digestion is compromised, it is also best to eat warming foods to sustain your digestive fire. When your digestive fire is low, you will notice that you are unable to digest things such as raw fruits and veggies, meats, coffee, glutinous items and dairy. It is best to stay away from these items and take some time to cook your food. This could be steaming, roasting, or baking your veggies and abstaining from raw fruits and veggies as well as coffee, raw meats, cured/smoked meats, gluten and dairy.


1 1/2 cups of boiled filtered water- let sit so it is not too hot in the blender

1 tsp -1 Tbsp. of Coconut Oil (more makes it creamier)

2 Tbsp.’s of Hemp Seeds

2 Scoops of Good Stuff Smoothie Mix —get it here

1 scoop L-Glutamine Powder (from AOR) —get it here

1 tsp of Ground Ginger or REAL ginger (depends on how spicy you like her!)

1 tsp of Nutmeg

Many dashes of Organic Cinnamon


  1. Place all of the above ingredients in the vented blender.
  2. Add a splash of Homemade Almond milk and maple syrup taste – try to drink right away when warm. Since there are fats (hemp and coconut oil) inside the ELIXIR, I have noticed when they get cold they separate. No worries though- just pop it back in the blender and it is as good as new!