Nostalgic Eating vs. Fuelling Your Body

So, just like that the Holidays came and left us lickity split – poof – GONE. All that anticipation. All of that lead up – all of that SUGAR!

Do you feel like you overindulged? Did you behave? Were you naughty? I think we all are a little guilty of overdoing it. We finally are able to let our guards down once all of the presents are bought and can finally relax at Christmas dinner. We fill our plates and our bellies because we only get this kinda food once a year. Or at least that is what we tell ourselves to justify our out of the ordinary behaviour. Can you relate?

This year I was mighty observant at our Christmas dinner. Especially during dessert time. I cut up my Grandmother’s recipe of her famous “Green Things” and the crowd went wild. I swear my family was like a moth to a flame! We try to ration this recipe with the family because it is a so popular. But this time around, they got their hands on the whole batch – and just like that, POOF, it was gone.

It must be a family memory that is attached to this dessert. The moment our senses, smell and see the famous “Green Things” we get nostalgic. We reminisce about the ways things were when we were younger – with every bite taking us further and further back in time.

I believe that most people who have food addictions associate the memory of the way food used to make them feel in the past with the present moment. They continue to overeat these comfort foods because they are continuing to search for that feeling of bliss – the memory of the way things used to be.

Some people are the complete opposite and just use food for fuel. They do not have any deep emotional connections to the way food makes them feel. They simple eat to survive.

What kind of eater are you? Are you a nostalgic eater? Or do you just eat to fuel your body? Would love to hear whether you live to eat or eat to live.