Meal Prepping throughout your week


A friend of mine gave me the idea for this blog post. She, unlike me loathes the time she has to spend in the kitchen. She asked me to come up with a few Nutritionist approved meal prepping hacks that someone such as herself (who is unfamiliar in a kitchen) can even do. So here goes nothing:

  1. Sundays I get groceries in the house so that I can start my week out with a bang! I will pick up some fresh veggies and fruit at my local market and haul them home in my one trip elevator ride – don’t judge – two trips are LAME! I generally wash my carrots and celery and cut them up and put them in a bit of water and seal with air tight glass containers.
  2. During this time, I preheat the oven to 350 degrees so I can bake a few veggies with olive oil, salt and pepper. This week it was sweet potatoes (whole) and parsnips – root veggies because of the  Winter season. The sweet potatoes will be kept whole in the oven and baked on the rack for 40 minutes (give or take). The Parsnips need about 35 minutes. Remember to turn your veggies half way in between.
  3. Throughout the week if I have spare time I will boil some eggs as I am prepping my dinner in the evening. Sometimes if I wake up early enough, I will boil the eggs then. It really depends. These hard boiled eggs are really nice to have on hand when you are in a pinch.
  4. I was going to make some KETO fudge for something sweet, so I will let you know how that goes. Really it is just melting coconut oil, mixing in some cacao and other fixings and freezing it. I will let you know how it goes!
  5. I usually make a pesto or a hummus so I can eat it throughout the week. This is generally made in my Vitamix with a little bit of elbow grease – the tamper is necessary for this recipe.

I can post recipes for the Keto Fudge, Hummus and Pesto. The rest are straight forward.

And that is all folks. For the next month I am going to be trying this KETO things out. It really has become popular. I am going to try and figure out who to do it to see if I can lose the student weight that I have gained! I will keep you updated with my progress!