Change your Mind about Change


January is the month of change. If I had a dime for every “DETOX” post I saw on Facebook and Instagram, I would be a millionaire. Well maybe it is not that extreme – but you get my drift?

Why is it that we as a human being, we do not like to change? We like things to remain the same. Routine to continue going as it always has. When something or someone comes along and screws up your routine, we tend to resist the change, deny its existence until it is absolutely imperative that we take on change. This usually looks like a not so good diagnosis or when you are FINALLY sick of Feeling Like Crap (FLC Syndrome according to Dr. Mark Hyman).

We all have an inner knowing that we must change to grow and develop and become a greater version of ourselves just like all of those lovely quotes we see as we mindless scroll through Instagram. Am i right? So why is it that we prefer to stay in the area of which we know? Why do we refuse (kicking and screaming) to enter into the unknown? The abyss of what if’s, I’m scared’s and not now, maybe tomorrow?

I enter into the unknown during my Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations that I do each day. Yes, it’s scary to think that I may not be what I am doing now a year from now – but flip it in your mind. Think of it as an exciting adventure. The body knows when change is warranted. So turn down the distractions, get real quiet and listen to the whispers of what the body has to say. There is solid information there. You never know what may come next, but that is the journey of life we are all on. Comprendo?

Until next time beauties!