Being Seen

I think a lot of the way we decide things in life allow us either to be seen or unseen. As I have gone through my week, I have noticed the way that we choose to show ourselves to the world OR on the contrary sneak back into the corner of the room, hoping (and praying) that no one notices you and your existence. The introvert in me likes the later.

  • The way we decide what we wear in the morning and what accessories we decide to put on our bodies.
  • The shoes we decide to wear – high heels or flats?
  • The career we decide – in front of a TV camera or tucked into a small corporate cubicle?
  • The partner we decide – does this person support our hopes and desires or do they crush our dreams and leave us feeling small and unworthy?
  • The vacations we take – beach (means bikini for most) or Staycation where you can remain cozy at home?
  • The car we decide to drive – Mercedes or Mini-van?
  • The exercise we decide on – Sexy Pole dancing class or at home Fitness Marshall ? (love this guy)
  • The friends we decide to surround ourselves with – because we can’t choose family (although some spiritual peeps may beg to differ) Do they dominate the conversation or do they inquire about you, ask you questions and really listen?
  • The social media engagement you decide on – Do you post every hour on Social Media or do you leave a bit of mystery in the online world and go MIA for weeks at a time!?

You get the idea! So often, I flip flop from being seen and unseen because I base it on the way that I am feeling. My day job forces me to be seen all the time. Heck being a Nutritionist also forces you to be seen, otherwise where are your clients going to find you? An online and offline presence is a must in both of my jobs, which leaves an introvert like me (yes I enjoy being alone!) running for the hills when I have social engagements to attend.

For me, I have narrowed it down to not wanting to be “SEEN”. A few weekends ago I attended an event with Creating Light Studio and Vanessa Faria , where I was encouraged to step into the unknown and be seen. To embrace my feminine and most importantly my essence. This was very opposite from what I am used to doing, since more often than not I am more so in my masculine due to the nature of my job and familial influences. It was nice to let this go, remove the multiple masks that I wear throughout the day and just be ME!

Can anyone see where I am coming from? Any stories of breaking out of your comfort zone where you are being forced to be seen and step into your feminine? Would love to hear them!