A single shoulder to lean on

I have gotten really curious with the inner-workings of relationships- in particular with my single girlfriends. For a long time I have wanted to revisit writing about relationships, but never really knew where to start. The joke really is that I could write a book about the adventures that both my girlfriends and I have been on (particularly dating) – and maybe one day I will! I find dating super fascinating among us millennials.

When it comes to relationships, I believe that what is meant for you WILL NOT miss you. Yeah, it sounds sorta woo woo and out there. Kinda like: “You just gotta keep the faith and Mr. Wonderful will show up and sweep you off your feet”. Right?

Lately, I feel like I have to keep the faith for the wonderful, lovable women out there that are still searching for their other half, the reason they wake up in the morning – their sun, their moon and their stars – their universe really!

I can’t help but hear (and wonder) why my wonderful lady friends say things like:

What’s wrong with me?

Where is he? Is he ever gonna show up in my life?

Maybe I will wait until 40 to marry!? I am better off single for now!? I think…

Dating is just like a job! This is so much effort!

I too also have days where I feel just so. But I have decided to take a more proactive route when it comes to “guiding” my girlfriends. Instead of feeling sorry for [us] and ashamed for being single in this world that encourages, praises and honours you for being in a committed relationship. I have decided to choose another route. I have decided to cheer them on, support them, be there for them, on our single journeys together.

I believe that underneath it all, a single gal is just looking for a single shoulder to lean on. To lift her spirits when she needs to rise up above the common BS. A listening ear. But an ear that REALLY listens to what she’s up to and how she’s really feeling. To honour her feelings. To just sit with her, to feel with her, to bring her upon common ground so that she can sincerely arrive in this complicated world. I think most of all she is looking for confirmation that the little girl in her is safe and taken care of.

‘Cause deep down that’s all WE really want – a should to lean on – to be heard – to be validated – to be cared for – to be loved.