Top Ten ways to Rock your next Meal Prep Sesh!


  1. Grocery shop when the stores are dead! I like to go early on a weekday morning or on Friday nights when you can think clearly about what you are buying.
  2. Place the ingredients for your smoothie in your blender top the night before. The morning of place your liquid of choice in the blender top and blend away! Huge time saver for those busy mornings!
  3. Use your Sunday’s wisely – think about how happy you will be during the week when you have grab and go lunches and do not have to fork out your moula for those pesky $12 salads.
  4. Re-evaluate on Wednesday when you are driving home from work – do you need more proteins? More greens? Do another quick shop to get more of the fresh things and grab some proteins from your local butcher if time allows.
  5. Be creative – on your drive home think about the different ways that you can eat the food that already exists in your home. This way you know EXACTLY what is going into your food and are not tempted to go out and buy dinner.
  6. Turn the oven on when you get home from work if you are running out of baked veggies. Throw a sweet potato or 2 on the rack with a baking sheet underneath to ensure there is no spillage. Cut up some zucchini, dress with olive oil/ coconut oil, Salt and pepper. Put in the oven for 350 for 25 -35 minutes. Take veggies out and flip sweet potatoes for even cooking time.
  7. Always keep avocado on hand – this is your lifeline! It is so versatile whether you have it for a snack or as your good fats for your lunch/dinner. Keep these bad boys at your fingertips!
  8. Keep an eye on prices of your favourites. I know give or take how much organic strawberries, coconut milk and wild salmon costs. I try to keep costs down by buying items on sale and freezing them. Costco is a good place to buy in bulk if you have the room in your home.
  9. Speaking of Bulk – I love to buy coconut oil, olive oil, sea salt, cinnamon, frozen berries, fresh berries, at this wonderful place called Costco who has stepped up their Organic game!
  10. Stick to the 80/20 rule of whole foods vs. packaged goods. I completely understand that when you are in a rush we tend to go for what’s easy and convenient. A whole foods diet is my way of eating, but of course allow myself to live a little when in a crunch. We are all human!