About Me



Andrea Louden is a Toronto based Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) with a speciality in Culinary Nutrition.

Andrea specializes in:

  • Plant Based Cooking Lessons (both private and groups).
  • Super Easy Tasty Meal Prep Sessions
  • Digestion Tips and Tricks
  • Mealtime Routines
  • Meditation & Reiki.

Also, Andrea is a Health and Wellness enthusiast where she believes in moving your body once a day and taking the time for yourself by doing the things that make your heart soar!

Andrea brings to the table not only her passion for teaching about healthy food, but also intimately learning about her clients struggles with food. Andrea’s mission is to help those that struggle with healthy eating, by making it super simple to make the transition to a whole foods eating regime that leaves you feeling completely nourished and satisfied!