A single shoulder to lean on

I have gotten really curious with the inner-workings of relationships- in particular with my single girlfriends. For a long time I have wanted to revisit writing about relationships, but never really knew where to start. The joke really is that I could write a book about the adventures that both my girlfriends and I have been on (particularly dating) – and maybe one day I will! I find dating super fascinating among us millennials.

When it comes to relationships, I believe that what is meant for you WILL NOT miss you. Yeah, it sounds sorta woo woo and out there. Kinda like: “You just gotta keep the faith and Mr. Wonderful will show up and sweep you off your feet”. Right?

Lately, I feel like I have to keep the faith for the wonderful, lovable women out there that are still searching for their other half, the reason they wake up in the morning – their sun, their moon and their stars – their universe really!

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Being Seen

I think a lot of the way we decide things in life allow us either to be seen or unseen. As I have gone through my week, I have noticed the way that we choose to show ourselves to the world OR on the contrary sneak back into the corner of the room, hoping (and praying) that no one notices you and your existence. The introvert in me likes the later.

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I have come away


I have come away from my writing these past few months among other things: my fitness routine is almost non-existent.

My meditation game is there, but definitely not where I would like it to be.

I say I am in a bit of a searching mode – in the dark — Exploring the Wilderness of my discomfort – straight from the Live Awake Project. 

Searching for something or someone to help me take that next step into my dreams, passions and what my little heart desires!

But I can’t help but feel like I have cement for feet. Each step is a struggle, to get from point A to point B.

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Nostalgic Eating vs. Fuelling Your Body


So, just like that the Holidays came and left us lickity split – poof – GONE. All that anticipation. All of that lead up – all of that SUGAR!

Do you feel like you overindulged? Did you behave? Were you naughty? I think we all are a little guilty of overdoing it. We finally are able to let our guards down once all of the presents are bought and can finally relax at Christmas dinner. We fill our plates and our bellies because we only get this kinda food once a year. Or at least that is what we tell ourselves to justify our out of the ordinary behaviour. Can you relate?

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Chocolate Ginger Elixir

elixir-chocolate_gingerChocolate Ginger Elixir

Since it is getting colder out, we have to put our favourite smoothies on the back burner and turn to more warming meals —in comes the ELIXIR. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, they believe in cooking all of the food that you eat to maintain our QI – the life force that flows within us.

When your digestion is compromised, it is also best to eat warming foods to sustain your digestive fire. When your digestive fire is low, you will notice that you are unable to digest things such as raw fruits and veggies, meats, coffee, glutinous items and dairy. It is best to stay away from these items and take some time to cook your food. This could be steaming, roasting, or baking your veggies and abstaining from raw fruits and veggies as well as coffee, raw meats, cured/smoked meats, gluten and dairy.

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5 ways to Eat More Intuitively – know what your body actually needs!

Woman with Healthy and Unhealthy Food. Difficult choice. Overwei


As a Culinary Nutritionist, I am often asked about various health related things in a day, whether it be my opinion on foods to eat, beauty products to buy, or even supplements to take. In my experience, it all comes down to one thing. We intuitively know what we need in each waking moment of the day. We just have to tune into this intuition and listen to it!

I generally start with the idea that you know, deep down inside what works with your body and what does not work. Over the years some of us have silenced this voice. We have pushed it deep down inside of us (intentionally) and given it a new home. I believe that now is the time to stop, take a breath and really, really listen to see what our body asks of us. This does require you to put down your phone, turn off your TV (and cell phone notifications!), close your fridge and your eyes and just be in YOUR body. Take 5 deeps breaths and ask yourself the following:

  • Am I really hungry? Or am I just thirsty? If I am hungry can I eat an apple? If not, you simply are not hungry according to Michael Pollan’s Food RulesEat when you are hungry, not when you are bored. If you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple, then you’re not hungry.
  • Am I looking for a change in state by eating this ______? Maybe fresh air or a short walk could do the same?
  • Am I thankful and grateful for the meal that I am about to eat?
  • Does this meal agree with my body? How does it make me feel after I eat it?
  • Am I eating with distractions? How can I fully focus on my food?

I find by asking myself AT LEAST 3 of 5 of these items gets me really present with my food.

Some Nutritionist’s even recommend setting the table and lighting candles (even if you are eating alone) to set the mood. Meghan and Josh Telpner say three things that they are grateful for before each meal, as well as taking multiple deep grounding breaths to change the state of their parasympathetic nervous system – to rest and digest. This way the body is ready to accept and digest the food that you are about to nourish it with.

Check out Meghan’s piece on 14 Tips and Recipes To Keep You Healthy During the Holidays here. And especially focus on number 8 which is super fitting for Christmas that is coming up!

Please, try these tips at home and let me know how it goes in the comments below! Thanks for listening, always!